Mother and Daughter Love


Do you feel like you've tried it all? Or like something still doesn't feel quite right? 

You’ve been told that you need stronger core and pelvic floor muscles, but after trying all the exercises, you feel frustration with your current exercise routine ‘not doing the trick.’ You feel bogged down with day-to-day overwhelm preventing you from being able to do the things you love. You feel resentful that it seems like everyone is winning at life and you’re stuck on a hamster wheel just trying to get through each day…

What you want:

  1. To feel less bogged down with so many 'things to do' and 'information overload'

  2. Guidance from someone to help you navigate where to go from here

  3. Freedom and permission to carve out more ‘you time’ (without the guilt)

What you tried and didn’t work:

  1. Organization, to-do lists, and sacrificing sleep to ‘fit it all in’

  2. Doing exercises and workout routines religiously

  3. Procrastinating...and internet searches...

The best way to move forward:

  1. Build a web of support so you don’t have to navigate uncertainty alone

  2. Receive non-judgmental, professional, and compassionate guidance for your unique life and circumstances

  3. Reframe motherhood health and wellness into an individualized mind-body-spirit-mindset approach, honoring the body's many interconnected systems (including hormones, digestive functioning, and immunity)

How receiving support will affect you:

  1. You'll feel relief knowing there's a path forward

  2. You’ll get clear on what your motherhood health & wellness means to you and feel grateful for your already-strong foundation

  3. You’ll feel confident in your abilities to move forward safely

  4. You’ll adopt your own health strategies that work for you and restore connection with your intuitive and feminine rhythms

As a woman, you're naturally creative and resourceful. You’ll be amazed with your own instinctive & intuitive guidance in the process of rediscovering what your motherhood health means to you. And the other bonus byproducts: less body aches, more stable energy, and more balanced hormones. Join me if you’re ready to commit to yourself and a partnership as you embark onto the path of pliability!



Health Care Provider and Health Coach

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I take postpartum & motherhood care beyond the core & pelvic floor muscles and support women in using their own intuitive guidance to reduce levels of burnout, fatigue, and information overload so they can reach their desired health and wellness goals. I wanted to offer frustrated moms a different process to make sustainable health gains. 

Moving through the journey of becoming a women's health coach has better supported my own boundaries and self-care. It taught me how to appreciate the full expression of who I am as a woman and not simply just as a health care provider. I've always adored my role as a physical therapist & pelvic health specialist, but I started experiencing cycles of burnout and feeling generally run down, leaving little space for the necessary physical & emotional bandwidth to live my life (eating well, sleeping well, exercising, and experiencing spontaneity & joy) . I was succumbing to the vortex & pressures of modern health care (and, hey, modern day life) even though I worked within wonderful clinics, had wonderful patients, and had a loving support system. While I still thrive on my work as a pelvic and orthopedic physical therapist, transitioning to health coaching has allowed me to engage in a partnership with my clients vs a hierarchical relationship. Now as a health coach, I've gained better tools and training in order to engage with clients to best support them to achieve their own health goals (and not the goals I set for them). 

Through my health coach training, I started tapping into my own potential to maximize my personal health & wellness. The process prompted me to work with innovative and practical options to enhance my own accountability to myself (this was a novel idea coming from a more intense all-or-nothing medical background). I focused on my own body, mind, & spirit in collaboration with non-judgmental coaching colleagues & partnerships. I created a safe space for my own well-being, as a woman, as a physical therapist, and now as a women's health coach. I have a passion for coaching and working alongside other women, because I know my issues with boundaries and self-care aren't unique to me.

For me, getting into integrative women's health coaching has been worth its weight in gold. It's given me what I needed in order to add sustainability to my own well-being as I move through the decades and seasons of my life both personally and professionally. I finally feel like I am leading the life that I want to live. 

Meditation by the Sea

"I had no idea what health coaching even was until I found Kelsea and her health coaching services. Health coaching helped me in ways I never expected. Kelsea's expertise as a pelvic health PT helped me really trust her along the way. And she shared such good resources. The coaching process was unlike any support that I had ever had after having my baby (which, honestly, wasn't very much). I went from being barely able to walk to being able to jog 4 miles daily (without pain!). Pelvic pain was a huge issue for me, but my personal boundaries were also shattered when I had my baby, and Kelsea supported me in being able to re-establish my own sense of well-being and confidence. I highly recommend Kelsea and her integrative women's health coaching services!"


“If pain is a puzzle, we should not throw away pieces of the jigsaw just because we are obsessed with a preconceived single solution.” 

-Patrick Wall, Neuroscientist