You don't have to navigate life's scary moments alone. There are tried and true ways that support you in allowing yourself to thrive physically, energetically, & emotionally. I know this because I see it every day with the women who I partner alongside with.

For so many women across all walks of life, between trying to just keep up and moving around with pain, exhaustion, and/or pelvic issues, life can feel like a lot of work. I’m here to tell you that life doesn’t have to feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Let's help you 'bring forth' growth, purpose, and hope for yourself so you can BE the person you want to be with less worry, more strength, and with elevated energy.

Within safe containers of support, I guide you when you're feeling stuck in life's hamster wheel to develop your own intuitive health plan that fits who you are as a woman so you can feel stronger and more confident in your life. I support you as you're challenged by the overwhelm with daily to-dos to establish an intuitively directed lifestyle so you feel deeper joy and connection with yourself, your family, and your work.



Straight From the Source


I'm starting to think that when I say,

"I feel like the old me,"

I'm really saying,

"I feel energetic, enthusiastic, and joyful." I'm happy that I can find a way to be those things in this body.

-Sustaining Mommer, half way through the program, who was a 'no thank you, I'm too busy" at first and quickly became a "omg, yes, I need this level of support"

The ongoing support from Kelsea is so valuable! The support isn't just a directive on how to improve but it's a thoughtful process that helped me think through barriers that stood in my way of feeling more confident in my health & healing. Kelsea really helped me appreciate who I am and how to work with my own inherent wisdom to find strategies that fit within my lifestyle.

-Sustaining Mommer, celebrating her commitment to growth and adaptability

"I have way less shaking of my fists in the air! I now know when I need to do simple things to gather myself and give myself a time out...like going outside, watering my plants, and getting some fresh air."

-Sustaining Mommer, discovering the benefits of the keep-it-simple method and the impact that plants and fresh air have on our nervous systems & stress response


Women's Health & Mindset Coach

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Pelvic Health Specialist

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I guide women to feel strong and capable in all aspects of their lives, families, and work. Between trying to just keep up in life and trying to move around with nagging pain & worries, life can feel like a lot of work. But I’m here to tell you that living your life doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming and painful. With over 12 years of experience guiding women and myself through health challenges, I know first hand what it’s like to feel trapped by all the health noise out there and by the vortex of life. Once you get clear on what's important to you and your family, you begin to streamline your life by getting more value out of what you do and doing it in less time. This is what lets you feel good in your body and have confidence knowing that you and your family are getting the care that everyone deserves.


“If pain is a puzzle, we should not throw away pieces of the jigsaw just because we are obsessed with a preconceived single solution.” 

-Patrick Wall, Neuroscientist