And I See You.

I see you when you experience a traumatic birth - and healing was a bumpy ride - but you're on the mend and wanting baby #2, but you're scared your body isn't ready.

I see you when you wake up every day - starting the day out tired - and begin the parade of juggling your work emails, your sweet 8 month-old daughter's needs, laundry, and that real estate class you've been wanting to take...

I see you when your husband's job takes you across the country and fear stops you in your tracks because you have no idea what your new life should look like and how you're going to enter back into your job as a healthcare provider in a new state with a young child.

I see you when you go to your 9-5 job - and secretly feel disenchanted - because you thought you would be a mother by now and that life would look completely different. And while you haven't ruled out fertility treatments, you feel disconnected from your body and from who you are...

I see you and countless other women who are strong, independent, love what they do (or want to love what they do), and yearn to feel confident in their bodies, in voicing their needs, and their feminine cycles & birth recoveries. 

Because let's face it -  major transitions in your life can really throw you for a loop. Not to mention, a woman's body does wild & miraculous things but it can feel so mysterious and scary at the same time (who feels me on that?!)

But here are two truths for you:

1. You have unyielding support systems available to you that help make life transitions, body changes, and anything related to your pelvic & feminine health easy, fun, and even joyful! 

2.  When you tap into these glorious support systems, you begin to take clear, consistent action that will change your life & your health forever (2 degree shifts will be your most powerful moves).

This is where I step in. I guide women & moms - especially those of you experiencing fertility challenges, period pain, and 4th trimester concerns - to re-imagine your relationship with your body, your feminine cycles, and your inner voice. Because it's your body, your rules. And the effects of you shifting into confidence & connection will help you feel at ease with your 'healthier new norm' as well as at home in your divine physical body.



Straight From the Source


I'm starting to think that when I say,

"I feel like the old me,"

I'm really saying,

"I feel energetic, enthusiastic, and joyful." I'm happy that I can find a way to be those things in this body.

-Kristina B

The ongoing support from Kelsea is so valuable! The support isn't just a directive on how to improve but it's a thoughtful process that helped me think through barriers that stood in my way of feeling more confident in my health & healing. Kelsea really helped me appreciate who I am and how to work with my own inherent wisdom to find strategies that fit within my lifestyle.

-Christa C

Working with Kelsea is like magic! Everyday I use something I've learned. I was in denial for a long time that I was getting in my own way. I'm so glad she helped me be willing to see through that. Committing to slowing down and being more intentional has gotten me back to volunteering, sleeping more, and going on walks with friends when my kids are at school. My life is changed!

- Callie S


Integrative Women's Health Coach

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Pelvic Health Specialist

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I guide women to feel confident being in the driver's seat of all aspects of their life & health. Because the truth is, you already have answers within you. You simply have to practice voicing your needs, embracing change, and taking clear action in the direction you want to go. With over 12 years of experience guiding women and myself through health challenges, I help you feel comfortable in supporting your personal health needs through the seasons. Once you make the commitment to being a steward of your own health & life, you begin to feel at home in your body and have confidence knowing that you and those you love are getting the care that everyone deserves.



Brave Women Reaping What They Sow


Wife, mother of 3, plant lover - who went from having chronic tension in her neck, shoulders, and pelvic floor & feeling scared to speak her needs - to having 80% reduced pain and being able to consistently have connected conversations with her husband about her needs. She now builds naps into her days, goes on walks with friends, and has enough energy to do her volunteer work outside of the home.


Wife, mother of 1, chicken coop builder extraordinaire -  who went from working longs hours in a major hospital system, not eating, not taking breaks, and experiencing major energy depletion (and body pain) -  to carving out time during her busy work hours to take care of her personal needs so she could have enough bandwidth & energy to spend with her spouse and 9 year old son on nights & weekends. She now has time, energy, & physical ability to spend building their special chicken coop and working in the yard (where she feels most at peace).


A compassionate, midwife who endlessly served others yet was hoping for children of her own someday and to continue having a thriving marriage - realized she was lighting herself on fire to keep everyone else warm. This made her period pain worse and led to chronic fatigue, resentment & frustration. With our work together, she implemented lifestyle strategies that helped her declutter her life & emotional energy. She courageously spoke up for needs so she could feel energetic & inspired again by her work and feminine health. She finally felt present & connected with her husband and herself again.


“The most important thing each of us can know is our unique gift and how to use it in the world. Individuality is cherished and nurtured, because, in order for the whole to flourish, each of us has to be strong in who we are and carry our gifts with conviction, so they can be shared with others.”

-Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants