• Kelsea Cannon

Being Enough

Moms - what if you felt fully confident in your decisions and had full trust in your body?

I was chatting with a client recently who said,

"I always have this feeling of not doing enough."

She was feeling uncertain about decisions related to all things women's health - what to eat, what exercises *should* she be doing and how often, whose information should she be following, what does a sustainable exercise program look like, how is she supposed to manage nutrition without bordering on obsession.

She found herself thinking about it all so much everyday - spending so much mental energy on just trying to decide what she *should* be doing.

(day in. day out.)

She found herself saying there must be a 'right' way to do it all and that if she could just crack that code, then she could enjoy her life a little more.

But her wheels kept spinning - and everything felt like an 'or' situation -

"I can be present with my kids/my work *or* I can fit in that workout *or* cook dinner instead of eating out."

Moms - if any part of this sounds familiar to you, you're not alone.

It's okay if you've been spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. It's the age of information and we are inundated with information literally everywhere these days (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

And - yet - topics in women's health are *still* being brushed under the rug.

Not to mention, it seems as if women have been conditioned to not trust themselves (anyone else noticing this?)...

I notice these trends in the physical therapy clinic and in my integrative women's health coaching biz.

And so - I'm here to tell you - there's a way out of that mess...

In my integrative women's health coaching practice, women who have transitioned into motherhood have proven that they (and YOU..I see you moms...) can:

  1. Live your life without constantly feeling like you're sacrificing something or someone.

  2. Focus MORE of your energy and mental presence on actually enjoying life and your family.

  3. Experience LESS energy leaks on constantly thinking about exercise and food and your body...not to mention, spending way less time researching things on the internet.

  4. Feel confidence and trust in your body...and your decisions... (after all, YOU know your body better than anyone - don't let anyone tell you any different. )

I will repeat - moms are knocking it out of the park these days - they are proving it *all* can be done...with more joy... and less effort...

Sometimes all you need is a little nudge from a trusted source. :)

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