• Kelsea Cannon

Best thing since sliced bread

I was posed with the question last week, "why is what you do the best thing since sliced bread?" I'll be honest. I had to think on it. I knew that my work with women & moms provides valuable outcomes that are the gifts that keep on giving...not just for them, but for their families and their communities. But I had to figure out how to put it into words. So here it is. Here's why what I do is the best thing since sliced bread:

1. The results come from the client, making the results even more powerful, sustainable, & full of potential. I'm 20% (don't get me wrong, a weighty 20%) of the equation. And the 80% that comes from you means you are fully accountable to yourself and your process. You embrace a willingness to be vulnerable to see new a path forward. And you embody the courage to stumble and get back up while on that new path. By the time you know it, you've stepped into a whole new part of your life & your health that you never knew you could reach.

2. We use lifestyle medicine and we keep it simple! All too often within women's health & pelvic health, folks are tempted to either go to the most expensive, complex thing first (and then work backwards) or they choose the 'fix it strategy' (all to find out, they're not actually broken to begin with....they're simply a human who needs love & support). Of course, sometimes more costly, in-depth treatments are warranted. But many times, the simple beginning that holds some powerful options has been completely skipped. In the work that I do with women, we start with simple and move forward from there. When you implement simple strategies and they become a fabric of your life, you'll be floored by the ripple effects. **Here's an example: chewing food! I would estimate that 8 out 10 women I see for bowel issues are not slowing down, chewing their food, and eating in less-stressed, screen-free environments... when they begin to shift into choosing to take breaks, slowing down to chew their food, and eat with less distraction, it's an immense help to digestive health & bowel issues.**

3. We make health, healing, & recovery a part of life. We both know you don't have time nor the desire to move mountains. So we help the process fit your life. We do this by making small, 2 degree shifts that are doable and sometimes even fun & easy (although full transparency: we stretch the comfort container for sure...the process is not always a walk in the park). Because at the end of the day, you have endless options available to you. And you have the option of being guided on how to choose the best option that suits you and your life. We do away with the "meh I'll just do it myself" mentality. I'm there to help you when you get stuck and open up your blind spots that you, yourself, can't see quite yet.

4. We honor shame, fear, and other emotions that are part of the process. This is especially important. Not enoughness permeates our society. It's easy to live in today's world and unknowingly buy into a thought-process that tells us to "stay small." The women I serve know that they have potential to feel comfortable with their power and use their voice for their own good so that they can share their unique gifts with the world. But to do this...and I know this firsthand... it's common to have to overcome shame, fear, guilt, and other emotions that keep us in the 'playing small' realm. In the work that we do as a team, we hold space for these very real and very vulnerable components of the growth process.

So that's why what I do is the best thing since sliced bread.

This is also why I'm an integrative women’s health & mindset coach who guides moms to feel strong and capable in all aspects of their lives, families, and work. Between trying to just keep up and moving around with pain and worry, life can feel like a lot of work. But I’m here to tell you that living your life doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming and painful. Once you get clear on what's important to you, you begin streamlining your life by getting more value out of what you do while having more energy and less worry. This is what lets you feel good in your body and have confidence knowing that you and your family are getting the care that everyone deserves.

Join me if you want simple, meaningful, & sustainable change!

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