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Bringing Forth Pelvic Health Support for Moms

In latin, the word 'parenting' means 'to bring forth.'

When someone is engaged in a parenting relationship, they are acting to bring forth guidance, growth, health, and purpose in the people (or person) being cared for.

Pelvic health providers & therapists are often the first to take new parents under their wings and to 'bring forth' guidance, growth, health, purpose, and hope for the individual who has entered into parenthood.

Particularly when a woman enters motherhood, there are several means by which she becomes a parent, each of which has its own set of challenges: vaginal delivery, c-section, adoption, marriage (step kiddos), and even fostering.

All of these means through which she becomes a mother in some way stretches her physical, mental, emotional, and/or energetic container(s) to the limits. All too often, the overwhelm and the build up of unknowns tend to take a toll on moms. Not to mention...it can take a toll on their partners, their family units, and even their life outside of the home. If the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of her health become chronically under-nourished, it sets the stage for longer term concerns.

Pelvic health therapists are often the first to hear about significant concerns that are affecting moms. Commonly, we hear reports of painful intercourse, bowel issues (constipation, diarrhea, fecal incontinence), pelvic organ prolapse, bladder issues (urgency, leaking, pain), chronic aches & pains, fatigue, and emotional overwhelm. Even more commonly, upon assessment, we find that these symptoms are often driven by tight muscles (vs what were historically thought of as 'weak'), incomplete healing cycles (including healing from vaginal deliveries & c-section), hormone fluctuations, sleep deficits, underlying health concerns, and modern day stressors.

And so where does this lead us?

Well the good news: all of this is completely manageable with pelvic health therapy as well as other forms of continual support & guidance! With the proper care team and the client's initiative, the client's concerns can resolve, change, heal, and adapt for long term success.

While the specifics of maternal health & pelvic support of each individual varies depending on their life journey, the starting point for everyone is to know that your concerns are valid and that your needs are worthy of care and support. Pelvic health therapy is a growing field that can and should be a part of every new mom's health plan. Across the board, almost every single new mom (by whatever means she came into her motherhood) should be referred to a pelvic health therapist. Every new mom deserves the chance to choose how she would like to pursue her healing & recovery and to make a game-plan as to how she is going to thrive in her motherhood.

It's no secret that barriers exist here - access to a pelvic health specialist, cost, time, energy, reluctance and/or uncertainty from the client - all of which are fair and deserve to be a part of the conversation.

It's important to note that some may not be ready to commit to their health and healing. And that's okay too. These individuals can still be nurtured, gently nudged, and reminded that help is available. With the right web of support, there is a pathway for each mother, in her own timing, to find her inner confidence to be accountable to herself and her long term health.

In the words of someone who brought forth courage & growth in me, who is now a fellow pelvic health colleague of mine:

"The reality is that we are barely scratching the surface of meeting the needs of people who have pelvic health challenges. We have a lot of room to go! And the first step is for people to actually realize we are here. That we are trained. We can be KEY members of their healthcare teams and help them get better." -Dr. Jessica Reale, PT, DPT, WCS with Southern Pelvic Health, Atlanta, GA

For so many moms across all walks of life, between trying to just keep up and moving around with pain, exhaustion, and/or pelvic issues, life can feel like a lot of work. I’m here to tell you that life doesn’t have to feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Reach out, and let's help you 'bring forth' growth, purpose, and hope for yourself so you can raise your kid(dos) with less worry and more strength, all while having elevated energy to be the human you're called to be.


-Kelsea Cannon, PT, DPT, PRPC, WHC

Owner of Pliability Health Coaching, LLC

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Pelvic Health Specialist

Integrative Women's Health Coach

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