• Kelsea Cannon

You know that feeling when life suddenly looks totally different...?

Of course you do! If you're reading this, you're a hard-working mom who's survived endless change in life. How's that saying go...? Change is the only constant...?

Pliability Health Coaching heads to Oregon

That's right - hot off the press! Change has been the only constant for me recently. My partner in crime (Trent), pooch (Brewster), and I just relocated to the Seaside/Astoria, Oregon area after a whirlwind transition in record-breaking heat. Thankfully, we landed safe and sound and our coastal adventures have already begun! Trent will be taking over his family business (called Bell Buoy of Seaside - best locally sourced seafood around!). And I will continue growing my beloved health coaching practice. Moving through, yet another, major transition has opened up time and space for me to dream and scheme about ways to support all of you moms out there under the banner of Pliability Health Coaching. And because my health coaching services are virtual, a new state, new zip code, and new region can only enhance the value. (**three cheers for continued connection across boarders!**)

My favorite lesson shows up again

Lesson: Be not attached. If there's ever a time to not be attached to anything, it's during a major transition in life. Ya'll can relate, I'm sure. Moving, getting a new job, quitting a job, having a baby, getting married, getting divorced, etc... Life is full of awesome and not-so-awesome stuff. What I've realized as I've moved time and time again, releasing attachment continues to be a common theme. And, honestly, life continues to grow more interesting and fun as the years roll by and the more I release my human tendencies to want to have grippy control of things. From being an Iowan, to a Texan, to an Alaskan, to a Washingtonian, and now an Oregonian, I am getting use to this release attachment thing. Life is certainly meant to be enjoyed, and I'm excited to see what the next season of life brings!

Updates: sustaining salmon and moms

What a combo right? When/if you find yourself cruising down (or up) the coast, certainly give me a shout! You may find me helping out at Bell Buoy on occasion. Family business? Well, that means duty calls. Stop in a snag some smoked salmon while you're dropping by to say hello! As for Pliability Health Coaching, The Sustaining Mom Program is up and running full steam ahead. Lots and lots of deep work is being done by the brilliant minds who have joined the program. Amen for their hard work and commitment to themselves so they can flourish and enjoy their current season of life. Lastly, many thanks for the continued support out there - I can't do any of this without you and the warm energy you've all brought forth. Cheers to new adventures, however they may turn out!

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