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So much to do, so little time to do it...

What if you found yourself on a daily basis saying "I am deserving of this life, this time, and how I choose to spend it."

Would life feel a little different?

If I were to poll the mothers who enter the 'Sustaining Mom Program' in my health coaching practice, it would be a common mindset that there is not enough time to do all of the things "you need to do." The poll would also show an agreed upon notion that mothers are held responsible for too many things...and that what's expected of them far exceeds what's actually physically, mentally, and emotionally possible for any human being.

It's no wonder moms feel short on time and energy...

Drastic times call for drastic measures. It's time that 'Mom Goes Rogue!' It's time that Mom finally takes some time to kick back, tap into her creativity, get her imagination going, and feel through the process of a 'Time Revolution."

'Time Revolution' is coined in the 80/20 Principle of living. In short, the 80/20 way of life says that 80% of us (what we do, what we have, etc) comes from 20% of small influences in life. The 80/20 concept demonstrates that the universe is wonky, equilibrium is fleeting, imbalance is ever present, and the universe is non-linear - “80% of the results come from 20% of the causes."

For people who love a 50/50 split - sorry. Not the case in the universe we live in.

In the case of time, the common view is that we are chronically short on time...but is this really true? Why is that nowadays time is seen as such a scarcity?

One may see under the 80/20 rule, that we are awash with time but essentially waste it away with ‘to dos’ that are high effort/low payout tasks. For you moms, these to-dos are often "assigned to you" or are things that other people want you to do or are simply tasks completed because "that's the way it's always been done." For busy moms, these are many typical day in and day out tasks & chores related to kid care, basic self care, partner care, work obligations, you name it that can't just be thrown by the wayside.

Or can some of it...?

The thing is: as moms, you can't just drop it all and move on. You're the cornerstone of the family and sometimes even your work and your friendships. But perhaps there's a middle ground? Perhaps some of the daily grind can be cut back, shifted, and taken out all together?

So this begs the question, how does Mom go from saying...

"I can't get away from all of my obligations."

"It's very challenging to accomplish the basic tasks in everyday life."

"I can't pick what I want to plug into my free time because I freeze with not knowing what the best or right thing is to fill my time most effectively."

To saying...

"I feel free to choose how I use my time and what I use it for."

"I am able to happily accomplish the basics tasks and then some in everyday life."

"I feel confident that the way I choose to spend my time is in line with my values and what my body/mind need in those moments."

The answer is simple, but the process requires patience, guidance, and teamwork (oh, and time!). And while the answer is simple, you won't find it in this blog or any other blog for that matter. The answer is unique to you and can only be found within you (not your partner, not your parents, not your kids, not your boss, not your friends, not your PT, not your health coach...). And you'll want to call in the troops because revolutionizing how you choose to spend your time (without the guilt) takes introspection, networking with a couple trusted accountability partners, and *action.* With taking action being the key component... otherwise, tires continue to spin, the days will fly by, and you'll continue along in the same hamster wheel.

Truth be told mamma, in order to even start to 'Revolutionize Time', you have to figure out the bigger mission behind your life. You have to know your core values, your 'why' for doing what you're doing, and even your true mission for being on this planet in the first place. You may stumble upon some startling feelings and ideas that come up... and that's okay. The process of diving deep, discovering your true core values, and learning how to confidently choose how you spend your time on this earth can be uncomfortable and can feel overwhelming. And don't worry - you haven't been 'wrong' for living your life the way you have - it's easy to become a little misguided and overwhelmed with continual information and task overload.

But change doesn't happen from the comfort zone, does it sister?!


Change happens when shit gets real... Change happens when you start being the person you *actually* want to be... Change happens when you start to quiet down the nonsense in life and start to listen to your intuitive internal signaling... Change happens when you collaborate with other non-conventional time revolutionists who know that navigating uncharted territory takes teamwork.

Choosing to spend your time differently will certainly cause the people in your life to have opinions about what you're doing and how you're doing it. And that's okay too. Expect people to freak out a little... Because ultimately people 'expect' routine, certainty, and conventional & rational understanding. And revolutionizing how you choose to spend your time is none of those.

But when you imagine finally saying to yourself "I am deserving of this life, this time, and how I choose to spend it," you'll be grateful for those who challenged you along the way.

If you're ready to 'Go Rogue', know that you are worthy and I support you!

“It is not that we are short of time or even that we have too much of it. It is the way we treat time, even the way we think about it, that is the problem -- and the opportunity.” - Richard Koch, 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less

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