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What's your #1 achievement in life?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

You wanna know what my #1 achievement is in my 37 years?

While I am beyond grateful for my education, it's not my doctoral degree...or my Pilates & health coaching certifications...or my pelvic health specialization...


Those things help me do what I do...and give me tools to support the clients I see...but my degrees & my profession don't define who I am.

And while I am also beyond grateful for my partnership with my other half, my #1 achievement is not finding a person who I can grow alongside with through the years...


My partnership helps me do what I do...and it does give me the tools to support others...but it still doesn't define who I am.

Who I am... is more than what I do...and what I have.

Just like who you are...is more than what you do...and what you have.

And this is tricky for many to grasp because we live in a society that says you must have a certain something, so you can do that thing you want to do, and then you can be the person you want to be.

But, friends, it's actually the reverse.

You must be the person who want to be, so you can do the things you want to do, and then have the things you want to have.

This is called Be-Do-Have living (not Have-Do-Be living).

Because if you spend your life living for others...and striving and never arriving...and not being the person you truly want to be...and therefore, not living the life you truly want to live...then...why do it at all?

When you live your life and make your decisions according to how you're "supposed" to live, it's really easy to lose your sense of purpose and the core values that direct your inner compass. And no surprise here, but this empties your cup pretty quickly.

And so, my #1 achievement in my 37 years is the fact that I finally discovered the art of Be-Do-Have living *AND* have been able to consistently practice self-compassion so I can lead a fruitful, loving, and let's face it - a way more fun and relaxed - life.

I discovered this after really falling hard on my ass and having to take a hard left turn away from all that I thought was keeping me secure (spoiler: none of it was keeping me secure - it was all keeping me stuck and it was affecting my health).

And I had to leap in hopes that the net would appear.

And the net did appear! Just not the net I was expecting...

The art of practicing self-compassion is what keeps reciprocity going....the process that involves both giving and receiving so life and the flow of good energy don't stop.

I spent a lot of time not allowing myself self-compassion and, therefore, not allowing myself to receive gifts that I was giving out to others. And then my cup went dry.

Never did I realize that my safety net was inside of me all along (and not 'out there').

It finally became clear to me that I had deep, inner-work to do if I was going to continue doing the work that I felt called to do in my life (which, I know in my heart of hearts, is serving others).

The net that appeared was an unconditional support network that I finally 'HELL YES!' to. And the fabric of that net: self compassion. I gave myself the sweet of gift of finally letting go of people pleasing, perfectionism, and striving...(and never arriving).

And this support network & new-found self compassion helps me BE the person I want to BE, so I can DO the things I want to DO, and HAVE the things I want to HAVE.

Now, not gonna lie here, it's a slow build and bit of winding process...

So --- wonderful mamas out there --- I've said this what feels like 100x already, but I'll say it again, if you're living a life that's wearing your energy down, emptying your cup. and halting the flow of confidence and joy in your life, then reach out to me when you feel ready. And if you have a friend who you're watching slip through the cracks, give her my email (kelsea@pliabilityhealthcoaching.com).

This is the foundation that the Sustaining Mom Program is built upon. This is why I chose to divert my path and offer integrative pelvic & whole-woman support because at the end of the day, your life, your health, and your happiness are priceless and all intertwined. And it takes a team, a companionship, a commitment, and some deep work to get you where you want to be (and - hey - heads up - it's actually pretty fun). Check out the latest events & how to chat more about joining the Sustaining Mom Program at www.pliabilityhealthcoaching.com.

Cheers to all of you deserving moms of the world, doing the best you know how, and making a difference in the world!

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