• Kelsea Cannon

What the heck is a maternal health & mindset coach?

I've been getting this question a lot recently: "I thought you were a pelvic floor PT? So what's this health coaching stuff you're doing?"

Totally great question.

I used to get lots of questions (and still do) when people found out that I'm a pelvic floor physical therapist ("say what?!?" people ask...)

So what do I do as a maternal health & mindset coach?

I guide moms who are feeling stuck with low energy & nagging aches to develop their own intuitive health plan so they can play with their kids worry-free, have more energy doing the things they enjoy, and feel overall stronger in their life.

"Okay..." you ask..."so how...and why?"

One thing I was found consistently while working full time as a clinical pelvic floor specialist in a Pilates-based clinic was that women were coming in with tight, painful tissues in their hips, low back, pelvic floor, & neck/shoulders. This physical pain was often coupled with fatigue & exhaustion, moderate-severe stress, busy to-do lists, pressures at home or in the workplace, altered sleep patterns, lack of consistent joy, and perceived 'not enoughness' (not enough time, energy, help, confidence, trust). And while we had the pleasure of doing some A-MAZ-ING work that did, in fact, work wonders (*such* rewarding work ya'll!)...there was still something missing for many women & moms...

Put differently, I began to wonder what it would look like to support the behaviors, thoughts, & mindsets that were actually driving the tissues to become tight, painful, and stiff.

I started to realize that to truly address those painful, tight tissues, that there also had to be some semblance of sleep regulation, rest (including joyful play!), stress mitigation, baseline nutritional requirements, connection (connection with themselves, their family, & their community), and inner trust, confidence, and accountability from the client.

And so I became drawn to what it might look like to help women & moms solidify that deeper foundation that sets them up for long term success in all aspects of their lives.

This then sent me on a journey to figure out "how can we help guide moms to less exhausting and painful lives?"

AND... the Sustaining Mom Program was born....!

Sustaining Mom includes 1:1 coaching sessions dispersed over a length of time. Between sessions, moms receive continual email support outside of coaching calls, professional resources, reflection prompts, and special invites for group workshops and community-based maternal health events.

All of this so they can be supported and remain accountable to themselves as they work consistently to improve their health habits that ultimately lead to a more energetic and joyful motherhood journey (vs repeated cycles of pain, fatigue, & overwhelm).

Topics that clients often choose to do deep dives into often include (but aren't limited to):

  • support for managing inner critic voices

  • working with processes of surrendering to/letting go of negative emotional energy

  • managing overwhelm, anxiety, & fear without losing your sense of Self

  • implementing radical self responsibility & acceptance (think: helping you back into your own driver's seat)

  • implementing your personal core values in life and overcoming roadblocks along the way

  • understanding how/when to delegate, ask for support, get help (thereby deepening your web of support)

  • learning to saying no with grace & confidence

  • recognizing common energy leaks in modern day motherhood

  • strategies to manage common energy leaks

  • nervous system regulation & balancing (ie, managing stress and the effects of stress)

  • circadian rhythm balancing (regulating your day/night cycles)

  • hormone support & regulation via healthy behavioral changes

  • bowel/bladder support via healthy behavioral changes

  • gut/brain health & the connection with pelvic floor dysfunction

  • what healthy movement & healthy exercise looks/feels like (appropriate dosage for you)

So that's what landed me sitting here, writing to you wonder women out there, on how we can help support you and your whole self over the long run.

Wanna learn more? Curious to chat about concerns cropping up in your own life?

Coaching is the assumption that you, the client, have come into this engagement with resources, skills, ideas, and strength. You have also arrived with challenges and fears. Together, we'll navigate your necessary lifestyle & mindset shifts to help you live a life that is aligned with your personal vision. To do things in life, you need energy, focus, strength, and resilience. To have all of those, you need your health. Your health - emotional, physical, and energetic- is what we are here to build up for you, together as a team. My role will be to show you your strengths, challenge you to overcome your weaknesses, broaden your resources using my professional skills and networks, and take a stand for your vision, even when it feels that achieving it will be difficult and you feel like giving up.”

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