• Kelsea Cannon

When's the last time you used the phrase 'crazy busy'?

It's okay. We all do it. We become over-committed and suddenly 'crazy busy' is the only phrase we can use to describe what the heck is going on in our life. Especially now that we are creeping out of pandemic mode and reaching the height of summer. Our calendars are filling up with cool, fun things and before we know it, we're booked to the max (oh, and you still have to keep your kid(dos) afloat, keep house chores going, potentially work, fit in your workouts/PT exercises, fix that thing you've been meaning to fix, water the plants, and call that person you said you would call last week).

What's this got to do anything?

Our lifestyle and what we end up saying 'yes' to directly affects how our nervous system works. If we are uber busy and saying 'yes' to lots of stuff, we go into burn-the-candle-at-both-ends mode and end up having a low simmer within us. This low simmer manifests as...you guessed it, STRESS! In short, cortisol levels rise and this has a cascading effect in our body, including achy joints, altered melatonin levels (think: it's hard to sleep when we're stressed), altered digestion (we're in fight or flight mode vs rest/digest), and altered hormones (sex hormones take a back seat when cortisol is riding high).

Why are are triaging life like we work in the ER?

When we are running full steam ahead and start to feel that daily overwhelm, we are suddenly living our lives like we live/work in the ER, triaging all that comes in. (eek! and living in constant fight or flight mode wears on us) While some level of go-go-go is normal and inevitable for you moms, if you feel like you're getting over consumed with to-dos and tasks, then pause, step back, and assess life from a bird eye's view. Are you saying 'yes' to things you actually like and want to do? Are you saying 'yes' to things you need to do (and are they actual needs?)? Are you constantly saying 'yes' to things that you totally don't want to do and could delegate, get help with, and maybe even just get rid of?

Rule of 3

For those of you who know me, you know I highly encourage you to tap into your breath and your foam roller (give yourself a 5 minute time out like you do your kid(s)). It's the fastest way to calm the nervous system. However, moving beyond our beloved breath and foam rollers, try on the Rule of 3 for size. The Rule of 3 is a strategy to manage that 'crazy busyness' that happens when you say 'yeah sure' to everything (even when you don't want). If your to-do list is 18 items long, pick 3 things. Yes, just 3. Those are your 3 items for the day. You can pick another 3 tomorrow if you wish or stick with the same 3 if you need a few days to get those first 3 tasks complete. Of note, know this takes time and practice. Re-wiring your drive to 'do it all' takes some diligence and self management for several weeks or even several months. If you stick with it, you'll get real good at noticing 'crap' that doesn't need to be there, and you'll get rid of it. You'll also learn to delegate and ask for help. And you'll say 'no thanks' much more often. You'll be surprised what actually falls off your plate, leaving you time to spend with your kiddos/S.O./friends/etc and even fit in that run/walk/cycle sesh...allowing you to feel stronger and more confident and living the life *YOU* want to lead.

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