Rock Balancing


Supporting the Full Woman

"I feel stuck in my current lifestyle habits. I have the desire to work out and do the right thing but I find all of that gets pushed to the end of the day and then it's sacrificing sleep or doing things I enjoy if I want to get that done."

"There has been a lot of information overload - where I don't always know what to believe and I don't always believe I have the ability to make it happen."

"I always have this feeling of not doing enough..."

These are the things I hear week in and week out. In motherhood, your physical, mental, and emotional containers are stretched to the limits. Your eating, exercise, and sleep habits fluctuate. There can be a progressive day-to-day overwhelm that occurs, perpetuating cycles of health and wellness depletion.  

And in these modern times, you’re getting lots of mixed messages from the media, different medical providers, and maybe even friends & family. The social pressures placed on moms are stacking up…you gotta look super cute, be attentive to work and/or the family, put on a "I'm strong and can handle it" face, and do it all with spring in your step. But yet, behind closed doors, you don't feel good in your skin, you're tired, you’re anxious, and in pain...making it difficult to do the things you enjoy doing (ie, including something as simple as playing with your kiddos).

And then there's information overload... what are you supposed to believe and not believe anymore?  

Pain, fatigue, and generalized overwhelm are complex and interconnected. All too often, in western medicine, these symptoms are treated as separate entities or brushed under the table completely. 

As an Integrative Women's Health Coach, I support you in unpacking your list of concerns and figuring out where it is in your body/mind that needs the most nourishment. Health is 80% mindset, 20% strategy. As a woman, you are naturally creative and resourceful. But it's easy to get stuck along the way. My job as a health coach is to take a stand for you and catch your blind spots. You'll receive undivided attention, devoted guidance, and appropriate referrals as needed in order to support various pillars of your health. I'm here to support you in your decisions for sustainable health improvements so you can raise your kiddo(s) with less pain, improved energy, and have more fun doing it.