Elevating Women's & Maternal Health to New Levels

You might feel like you've tried it all.

You might be on a hamster wheel of having 6 different providers treat you all at once (causing healing fatigue).

You might feel overwhelmed with trying to find that right answer and that right fix...

Or, you may be stuck...not doing anything at all...because of pain, fatigue, & overwhelm.

If any of this is the case, I'm so glad you're here. This just may be what you've been waiting for.



Whole Self Postpartum Recovery Program

Sustaining Mom Program (aka, Sustaining Health)

Plant Presentation

Discovery Call

The initial discovery session helps plant the seeds. This time together allows us to discover where it is you want to go, what's getting in your way, and a tangible path to get you where you want to be. It's the time that's designed to give you a chance to share your story. 

You'll have time to ask questions, and I'll share more information about the programs if we decide we're a good fit to work together. 

I'm here to support you in any way I can, even if that means setting you up with the appropriate referral or a different recommendation. 


Two Programs - One Goal 

Devoted guidance & undivided attention, so you can flourish, grow, and step into YOUR best Self.

Within the Whole Self Recovery Program & Sustaining Mom, we use Elevate Methodology so that the support is aimed to help you:

Feel energetic and experience less pain using lifestyle medicine strategies that help you feel confident about how you’re caring for your body

Feel more love with unconditional coaching support that helps you give yourself the same love that you want to give to your children, friends, & loved ones

Evolve your strength, inside and out through guidance in developing a sustainable game plan that helps you feel comfortable in your skin and aligned with your desired health lifestyle

Accept vulnerability and activate your inner confidence using techniques that help keep your energy more focused on enjoying life and less focused on over-thinking about exercise, food, and what your body looks like

Establish trust in yourself and your intuition so you can physically feel good live your life having the energy to do the things you enjoy (biking? cake baking? gardening? Cross Fit? yoga? having mental bandwidth to read a book? we're here for it all!)

Jogging in Park

Support is structured as a hybrid support system where you can get direct pelvic floor muscle & tissue support (in-person) as well as whole-being integrative coaching support (virtually).

Gals local to the Astoria, Oregon area can be seen both in-person & virtually. This includes in-person pelvic floor & physical tissue tissue support. Because at the end of day, sometimes you just need reconnected with your physical body so you feel empowered and so your body is less of a scary space to manage.

For those of you at a distance, both programs are designed to work fully virtual and pair perfectly with the pelvic floor support you're already receiving where you live.