After having worked with countless women within traditional physical therapy as a pelvic floor PT, I quickly learned that conventional strategies - exercises, hands-on body work, learning about ways to lift so your back won’t hurt, knowing correct bowel & bladder habits - are indeed necessary & helpful. But a major gap still presented itself within women's health care. 

The gap? Women had difficulties implementing a sustainable plan for themselves if they didn’t already have an inner foundation of overriding perceived risks, speaking on behalf of their own health needs, overcoming fears, and dealing with self-doubt.

Without the tools to trust their own thinking & intuition, it became easy to get lost in other peoples' opinions & needs, leading to a departure from their own pathway of self-care & personal growth. 

I discovered that what is helping women stay committed to their personal needs is a set of practices that help them re-imagine their relationship with their bodies & feminine needs, their dreams that they hold for themselves, and the kind of committed action that helps them get where they want to go.

This is where I step in. Together, you and I mastermind in helping you shift away from listening to the voice of self doubt to instead listening to your gut instincts and taking thoughtful action that supports your needs. 

So if you're here getting more curious, you and I might be a fit to work together if:

you have been struggling with fertility

you are in preparation for motherhood

you need 4th trimester support

you experienced birth trauma

you are a mother, sister, or daughter wanting more clear direction for your health

you have painful periods 

you say yes to everything (when you mean no)

you struggle with bowel & bladder issues

sex is painful & disconnected

you feel other peoples' pain acutely 

you feel curiosity about your pelvic floor & feminine health

I understand that it's not always easy talking about topics that feel private & vulnerable. But just know, this is a receptive space for you and anything you might be up for sharing so that you can gain momentum in your health, healing, & recovery journey. 




First - let's collaborate & discover what you want so we can craft a clear plan 

The initial discovery call helps plant the seeds. This time together allows us to discover where it is you want to go, what's getting in your way, and a tangible path to get you where you want to be. It's the time that's designed to give you a chance to share your story.

You'll have time to ask questions, and I'll share more information about what it means to be a part of the Connected & Confident Collaboration if we decide we're a good fit to work together. 

I'm here to support you in any way I can, even if that means setting you up with the appropriate referral or a different recommendation. 

Plant Presentation

With our work together, you receive personal 1:1 coaching as well as immediate access to the client portal, which is chock full of tools, tips, & tricks to keep you engaged & inspired between coaching sessions (and committed to your goals). You will have the joy of uncovering what it means to take your health & life into your own hands... so that you laugh more, take pleasure in your daily routines, wake up feeling more energized, and get back to those family hikes & creative endeavors that help you feel alive. 

To do that, we use the TRUST methodology, where you are guided to:

T go from spending 30 minutes of frazzled free time to 2 hours of daily QUALITY TIME so you get more moments to spend doing things that make you feel good (while being in the company of your kiddos and/or partner)

R go from having the gnawing feeling of “I should be doing something” during your spare moments to joyously feeling at ease with RESTORATIVE REST practices that give you more patience for yourself and your toddler

U shift from feeling like you have to be the one doing everything to having UNCONDITIONAL commitment in saying “yes” when you wanna say “yes” and “no” when you wanna say “no”  

S go from always using the phrase "crazy busy” to using a steadfast SUPPORT SYSTEM that helps you feel pleasantly busy but well-rested at the same time

T go from sitting out of group runs and yoga classes to going all in with full TRUST knowing you've got the time, strength, & energy to spend time doing activities you love


Many women who seek my services have concerns in their pelvic floors (peeing themselves, painful sex, feeling disconnected with their vulvas, gas incontinence, you name it!). And if any this is you, you're not alone. Given this, even though much of our work together is virtual, in order to help you feel connected with your pelvic floor muscles, I recommend in-person pelvic floor muscle work. I provide this as a part of the Confident & Connected Collaboration that I offer. Hop on a call to inquire further.

Gals local to the Astoria, Oregon area can be seen using a combination of in-person pelvic floor support & virtual 1:1 coaching sessions. In-person sessions are held at beautiful Honey Heart Holistic, located along the Columbia River.

For those of you at a distance, Confident & Connected Collaboration is designed to work fully virtual and pair perfectly with the pelvic floor support you're already receiving. If you're not already seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist, I can help connect you with one whom you feel aligned with.