Friends - Providers - Partners

Moving In


We all need more support from time to time (and we all know how difficult it can be to ask). If you're not sure if your friend or clients needs more support, refer them anyway! It never hurts to offer someone the gift of support. Give them a chance to take the reins.

Here is the process that I invite you to consider if you are talking to a client or a friend who sounds like she might be a candidate for more support: 

1. Connect her with me directly via email: 

2. Simply write: “Hey! I just wanted to connect you two. I thought you both could continue the conversation surrounding health coaching & what it means to work together.”

Mother and Daughter Hugging


When I receive that email, I’ll take it from there. I’ll connect with the prospective client and invite her to schedule a discovery call.

And once we’re on that call, as a team we can figure out: 

  • Where it is that she wants to go

  • What’s getting in her way

  • And a clear path to get her where she wants to be

And if at the end of the call it sounds like we’re a good fit to work together and she’s ready to commit to herself, then I share with her more about both program offerings

"The commitment to change comes first. The rest falls into place, just as it should, with trust, guidance, and patience."