Supporting you in allowing yourself to thrive physically, energetically, and emotionally


While Sustaining Mom is designed to work fully virtual, pelvic floor & whole body support is added to your package if you're a mom local to the Oregon Coast. So it's now a hybrid model of support! This means that you can be reconnected with your physical body, your pelvic floor muscles, and get down to the bottom of what drives your body to feel tight, painful, and/or exhausted.

Not a mom or not yet signed up for the Sustaining Mom Program but still have concerns related to your pelvic floor? You are welcome in this space too! I do offer individual sessions that can be scheduled with me so we can get your needs addressed as well. 

For moms at a distance, Sustaining Mom is designed to pair well with the pelvic floor physical therapy and other support that you're already receiving where you live. 

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Within Pliability Health Coaching, in order to support you in those root causes that drive pelvic floor issues, fatigue, & nagging aches, we use various integrative medicine strategies that intuitively feel good to you and aligned with who you are as a woman. 

Within Sustaining Mom, we embrace the concept that the mind, our behaviors, and mindsets speak through our bodies. Check out this blog to learn more. 

Along these lines, integrative pelvic support is great for addressing urinary leakage, bowel issues (constipation, diarrhea), bladder urgency, pain with intercourse, period pain, and other concerns related to a woman's body, mind, and cycles. 


Prior to my move to the Oregon coast, when working clinically as a full time pelvic health physical therapist, I noticed a consistent 'stuck point' that many hard-working moms & women landed in. We were basically treating the painful, tight tissues (which is very important, by the way!) but in a busy clinic setting, we weren't able to fully support the behaviors that drive the tissues to become painful and tight in the first place. Commonly, what had to happen, was a process that allowed for each mom to grow her web of support, refine what was important to her, and embrace a teamwork-model of living. 

And so - my health & mindset coaching practice was born...and the Sustaining Mom Program came to fruition...and Lumen Community Wellness offered to be a 'home' to support pelvic floor physical therapy & home of the Sustaining Mom Program!

If you're a mom who's interesting in working together, I invite you to hop on a call, and we can collaborate further on where it is that you want to go (and a path to get you there). 

If you're a gal who hasn't yet or isn't planning on having kiddos, you are welcome here too. :) 

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